Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion


LinkedIn is a very professional social networking website for the people who in the professional occupations. By creating a complete profile of their personal summary, work and volunteer experience and any other award they got in LinkedIn, It can help LinkedIn uses find out appropriate work. Otherwise, In LinkedIn, people can not only connect with other professionals, but also can join the group discussion to board people’s vision and learn more knowledge in particular areas.


Facebook provides a platform for business professionals. Nowadays, it has tremendous users which can increase business’s influence.  Business professionals are not only use it to communicate with their employees and customers, but also post new products, update news on Facebook. Otherwise, Facebook also be used to establish brand awareness.


Twitter is an online social networking service and micro blogging services that users can send and receive instant messages which less than 140 characters to their friends, exports, celebrities and other companies. Moreover, Twitter also can get the latest news that occurred all over the word. Business people not only use it to announce their new product, but also post recruitment information.


YouTube is an online video website that be used for all over the world. Business professionals use it to improve brand awareness and attract new customer’s addition by posting unique videos. Business people use YouTube to build their reputation as a expertise in some areas.

Google Plus

When customers want to find out information, Google plus provide them relevant posts, photos and videos. Wherever the followers are, Google plus can bring them together and help business professionals talk with them, via 10 way video Hangouts

Nowadays, Social media tools are used wildly all over the world from student to celebrities, from personal to business. If you are not familiar with how to use social media, you are falling from the competition with others. All most all professionals use social networking tools to build appropriate personal brand and increase personal influence to do self-promotion. For example, The President Obama used social networking to communicate with his voter, build a brand with young, responsible and easygoing.   Otherwise, Professionals use social networking tools to show their work experience, the awards they got and more the positive information about them self to self-promotion and self-marketing. In addition, Professionals would like to share experience with followers to increase their communication. 

 Other Social media tool, like blog, is also being used by businesses. For example, business builds business blog to share more information with customers. They share their stories, opinions and particular knowledge with people to deliver valuable message to the internet users all over the world.

You may think social networking is not important. However, if you were a person who is looking for a job and you have great social networking, you would get the bonus. This is because the job recruiters are using the social media too. A piece of paper resume is not enough for a job recruiter to know about you, while a short video, several small stories and some messages you post in your social network will help job recruiter to know more about you. Through social network, they will know you work experience, your attitudes about work and life. If you don’t have social networking, create it right now to get your bonus.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The author of the book is Stephen R. Covey. The 7 habits are:








 PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST: Sometimes, there will not just one thing we have to deal with, many assignments or tasks often come together which we may feel overwhelmed. However, I always put the most important assignment be the first priority that when I finish doing it, I will leave time to complete the other tasks. I will not feel so stressed because I know which thing is the first thing I have to do. A good time management skill helps me a lot to handle them well.

SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD: Communication plays a very important role in my life. When I study in college, teamwork and group discussion require tremendous communications that I prefer to be the person who finishes listening to others’ opinions with my respect and attention, then to state my own opinion.  I truly listen to them carefully and not pretend I am listening to them because I know everyone’s opinion is valuable, I may get inspiration from it, I may learn something from it.

SHARPEN THE SAW: If I always focus on the work, my life will be imbalanced due to the lack of good health, social networking, and spirit. Without good health, how could I proceed to go to work? Social networking is necessary, the more interaction I have with the other people, the more opportunities I may have no matter in finding jobs or getting help, or even having fun with friends in shopping.  I like listening to music and watching movies to maintain good mental health. Only with all the four aspects I have mentioned above, can I have a balanced life that I will be more successful in the future.

Now, I am studying in Centennial College, all of the 7 habits are really beneficial that I am going to be more proactive and I will use them to make life balanced. If I make a mistake, I will not blame the other people, I will find the problems where they occurred and make the things better. I plan to participate in the college gym in order to have good health and release my stress. I realize that time management is indispensable in the busy college life; I utilize it to get my work well done.

When I have a job, I will apply the teamwork and communication skills to my workplace. I show my respect to my colleagues when I have a conversation with them or we have a teamwork project to do.  When I feel stressed, I listen to music, I watch movies. Always keeping proactive will make me overcome the obstacles easily rather than staying there blaming it results from the uncontrolled conditions.